Wikipedia views as benchmark for free cultural relevance

Wikipedia statistics show that 2015 was the year of the movie highlights the many (non-free) movie-related articles among the most read of 2015. In the two previous years (non-free) television-related articles had been more popular. I think the popularity of (non-free) popular culture topics on Wikipedia has been noted many times elsewhere (and the place of “premium video” at the commanding heights of culture here), but this particular blog post reminded me and prompted noting a couple other things.

All this suggests a project – top articles related to free works sorted by views. Identifying which articles are related to free works needed for this, also somewhat challenging, but could be done through a combination of categories, WikiProject tags, and Wikidata statements.

I forget where, but I read recently that Node.js and WordPress’s roadmap has increased interest in Javascript, and Java is getting caught up in that.

I read about the WordPress news as well. Big news but late November, I don’t see how it could possibly register in top 10 Wikipedia page views. WordPress powers a large proportion of websites, but tiny % of population must know of its existence let alone be interested in technical changes, and among those who are interested, confusion between Java and Javascript has got to be a thing of the very distant past. That ranking (now #24) still seems very odd to me.

There’s no new weekly traffic report published yet, but I asked what the theory about Java will be.

The yearly report highlights the popularity of mass entertainment.

Answer: “It’s an automated spike. You can tell because the mobile view count is less than 2%” In other words, not many people were actually looking at the Java (programming language) article.

Heh, if only that were true

Alternatively, Wikimedia blog posts as a benchmark for free cultural irrelevance, ex