Why a new organization?

Existing movements and organizations do good work, but none are as cross-sectoral, seeing commons-based production as the most potent instrument of reform, and explicitly calling for freedom and equality to be the dominant objectives of knowledge policy as WIFO aims to be. If all WIFO does is to nudge the “Overton window” of polite political discourse away from sectoral silos, commons as victims rather than protagonists, and freedom infringing monopoly incentives as the core feature of knowledge policy, the effort will be a success, giving pre-existing organizations more headroom. WIFO aims for free/open access/data/education/hardware/innovation/research/seeds/software as well as legal reformers and extralegal actors to envision themselves as all part of a grand struggle for intellectual freedom, and to make commons-based production the most urgent avenue of reform and action, leading to the abolition of copyright, patents, etc., and the long-term suppression of these and other potential freedom infringing regimes.