VlogBrothers channel


The whole vlogbrothers channel on YouTube is CC-BY according to the creator ( https://www.reddit.com/r/nerdfighters/comments/49f5r1/vlogbrothers_went_ccby/d0ssbod ) – videos since September are properly marked.

List of Premium and Libre Video
Guide to voting in USA (videos, CC-BY)
Internet Creators Guild
List of Premium and Libre Video

First I’ve heard of them but apparently very popular. Videos seem to be 2-5 minutes (too short for this list) but thousands of them and from few I watched good production quality. Great news!

Added: Not sure where I got too short, clearly qualifies as a series above. Any idea how to get a video count and total minutes from YouTube for a user?


I downloaded all the videos earlier today. There are over 1300 of them (though the earliest ones are of lower production quality) and I estimate (conservatively) over 3900 minutes.

Good side-effects already: a video from the channel has been embedded (not by me) in the wikipedia page about the channel. Freedom!


And now the content is available for offline access, perusal, etc here: https://vbdp.singpolyma.net/