Unkut Everything


Little info provided beyond set in El Paso in 2009, storyboard sketches, and name/link to site of an actor … and apparently first project of Unkut, " A nonprofit production company designing films in the public domain".


Interesting, but I must say I hesitate because i found the presentation of the campaign really missing some important details. The guy making the storyboard and the girl cast as actress seem great, but there’s not a word on the background of the director and lead of the project :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree. I don’t have much hope for the kickstarter campaign unless they have someone who was going to make a large contribution no matter what to put them over the top. Missing too many elements of a successful campaign, even if it has one element that is extremely appealing to me. Still, people having the right idea is a positive sign.


Well, I asked the question, and got the answer :wink:

Unkut says:

Dear solstag,

Along with being the Creative Director at Unkut I will also be directing the film as well. This will be our first project as a nonprofit and my first narrative as a director. I shot several short documentaries in the late 90’s but nothing worth putting up online. If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions please let us know and thank you for the interest in the project.