The Wanderings of ZeMarmot: Small Marmot, Grand Freedom

ZeMarmot is a project of 2D animation movie about wandering and freedom, planned to be released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International/Art Libre licenses and fully made with creative Free Software (GIMP, Krita, Blender, Ardour…).

The length of the film depends on how much money is raised, up to 45 minutes if 200k euro can be raised.

Very worthwhile links found on sites above:

  • the site of the non-profit association LILA, the umbrella under which the film is being made
  • “Freak & Free Arts Coo[r]p” which will be providing the music

Also see the ZeMarmot filmmakers’ blog:

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In the interview above and elsewhere issue of flexible funding comes up – if they raise less than €9,000 they keep the money and promise no product. It was probably a mistake to not make the first 9k fixed (all or nothing) so as to avoid this question (it apparently can’t be changed now), but I enjoy their direct answers. (This reminds me yet again that I wish a version of Ian Clarke’s FairShare idea had made it into some crowdfunding platform – early patrons get a cut of later contributions, compensating them for risk and encouraging them to help market.)

Campaign currently at €1,065 from 25 people.

The ZeMarmot team’s report on Libre Graphics Meeting 2015, including their presentation, also embedded below.

Campaign currently at €3,036 from 86 people.

With 39 hours left, €9,125 from 237 people, minimum met!

Edit: deadline extended to June 30, so reasonable chance of getting a longer short made.

€13,910 from 331 funders. Congratulations to the team!

The campaign has moved to ‘InDemand’ mode, meaning you can still contribute and get perks.

Ongoing fundraising at

ZeMarmot team talk at GUADEC dated 2016-08-14, and the team’s blog report on GUADEC.

At the end they say there’s no magic around funding free films, they have to slowly build a supporter base like Blender did. But they are also ambitious, like Blender. I hope someone gives them a large amount of funding at some point. They have refused offers to do a non-free film.

2016-06-30 blog post about funding they say have $16 a month from 6 contributors at Patreon and 42€ from 12 at Tipeee. As of right now, almost 2 months later, they’re at $42/14 and 140€/27 respectively.

I think they’re doing great work artistically and also to improving free production software (their post last month about GIMP) so I will go add my ongoing support.

Close to 6 months later they are raising $138 from 24 supporters each month at Patreon and €245 from 38 at Tipeee. Checked after noticing another GIMP developer using Patreon.

See their end of 2016 report, includes two short videos with rough animation

Vote (one click, one vote per IP address) to help GIMP Motion (the extension developed and used by the ZeMarmot team) win an audience prize of 1500€. Background.

The call for help has gotten some circulation eg and … at the moment there’s 85 supporters for $441/month at Patreon and 50 for €329/month at Tipeee.

More about GIMP than ZeMarmot, but as the post emphasizes, they are symbiotic. Also notes livestreaming animation sessions and some local media coverage.

Current funding weekly at Librerapay: €33.65 from 38 patrons; and monthly Tipeee: €649 from 111; and Patreon: $576 from 128.

Good news, Jehan has:

been hired by CNRS for a year to develop things in relationship to GIMP and G’Mic.

after negotiating to improve GIMP rather than a Photoshop plugin. Bravo!

Crowdfunding is fairly stagnant:

We need much more funding