SageMathCloud mass adoption and direct competition

Open source is now ready to compete with Mathematica for use in the classroom:

The scope of SageMath rapidly expanded. Our mission evolved to create a free open source serious competitor to Mathematica and similar closed software that the mathematics community was collective spending hundreds of millions of dollars on every year. After a decade of work by over 500 contributors, we made huge progress.

SageMathCloud is commercial grade, hosted in Google’s cloud, and very large classes are using it heavily right now. It solves the installation problem by avoiding it altogether. It is entirely open source. Open source is now ready to directly compete with Mathematica for use in the classroom. They told us we could never make something good enough for mass adoption, but we have made something even better. For the first time, we’re making it possible for you to easily use Python and R in your teaching instead of Mathematica; these are industry standard mainstream open source programming languages with strong support from Google, Microsoft and other industry leaders. For the first time, we’re making it possible for you to collaborate in real time and manage your course online using the same cutting edge software used by elite mathematicians at the best universities in the world.

Good to see the rhetoric of direct competition and mass adoption. Good to see a centralized cloud service: I take this as evidence that they are serious about both.

A huge community in academia and in industry are all working together to make open source math software better at a breathtaking pace, and the traditional closed development model just can’t keep up.

Is this true? I want to see evidence in declining profits of Mathematica’s Wolfram Research. The company is private so getting numbers may be more difficult.

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