Repair-favoring policy should favor repair-enabling commons-favoring policy

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How Sweden wants to make repairing things cheaper:

In their proposals for its upcoming autumn budget, the ruling Social Democrat and Green parties plan to slash value added taxes on repairs to bicycles, clothes, and shoes, and to bring in a new tax break for people who carry out more expensive repairs to fridges, dishwashers and washing machine.

At the same time, the government plans to make buying new white goods and computers more expensive, by slapping on an additional “chemical tax” to cover the cost to the environment of substances which are hard to recycle.

Also in Fast Company and discussed at Hacker News.

This sort of repair favoring policy could be complemented by knowledge commons policy that in turn favors repair. Mandate or favor goods that have open designs: royalty-free licenses and documentation must be adequate for third parties to repair, manufacture, and improve all parts.



Massachusetts possible study on right-to-repair and general U.S. update: legislation has met stiff resistance: seems to be the most relevant U.S. organization, though it has lots of nearby supporters. is hard to find and badly in need of update and adding non-U.S. context!