Project Marilyn

A project of “to develop a patent-free anticancer drug” according to their crowdfunding drive from 2014.

They are posting regular updates to their Facebook page.

How feasible is this? Through all stages of development? Can others copy what they are doing for other compounds?

Commenting on a post about game development economics and disconnect between crowdfunding traditional high cost structures and getting games into the commons:

Production costs probably are part of the disconnect. Crowdfunding the amount spent on making and marketing an AAA game or Hollywood movie or even the next level down probably isn’t going to happen for awhile. For anyone wedded to those cost structures, crowdfunding only will seem like a race to the bottom, while I see entertainment with those cost structures (top pro and college sports of course must be thrown in with games, movies, and TV) as our Arirang spectacle. Throw them out, choose freedom, equality, and security.

I should’ve added “or big pharma drugs” after “Hollywood movie”; see crowdfunded and commons-contributing Project Marilyn’s blog post Starting a Lab Under Budget.

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Pretty neat. Thanks for sharing

Just happened to notice the person behind Indysci/Project Marilyn posting to ‘Ask Hacker News: Who’s looking for a cofounder?’:

I’m working on developing open source pharmaceuticals. I’m located in Oakland, CA. The stage is “on-paper only”. Looking mostly for someone who is on the business end of things (referrals welcome). I’ve got the tech down. I am probably okay at but could use help getting media attention, and I am probably not good at: wrangling legal issues, and (most importantly) developing business relationships with commercial partners. The plan is to enter an incubator to pilot a proof of concept and then seek seed investment. I also have a strategic plan (hires, etc) on taking the seed to a series A with MVP potential. Requirements: Passion for the idea of expanding open source. You’re also willing for the company to make 1 billion, instead of 10, but leave the world a better place. An ability to understand and communicate either biology, code, or both.Bonus points for experience in law/IP materials.Contact info in profile.

Ambition further noted in reply:

the short-term end goal is large-scale manufacturing of FDA-approved drugs. The long-term goal is to corner the manufacturing market.

One other posting is relevant to this site, from someone who wants to do a Red Hat like business around GNU Octave. Another comment from same person on thread ‘Will there ever be another Red Hat?’ 2months ago.

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