Pepper & Carrot Video Game

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I’m somewhat conflicted about this. It looks great, and a great way to introduce even more people to these wonderful born-free characters. But, so far, the whole game (both code and art) is going to be proprietary. So promoting free base material (yay!) using non-free derivatives (boo). I haven’t decided if I will back it yet.


I definitely won’t back unless the product is clearly going to be free-as-in-freedom, but glad to see them adding to Pepper&Carrot’s cultural relevance.


Free Software Artists and their Tools — Part I: David Revoy & Krita mentions a different game which the README says is GPLv3.


Paul Brown: That is impressive. Do you have any more surprises up your sleeve?
David Revoy: I have. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about it at the moment. I can only say that big industry are starting to take an interest in Pepper&Carrot. I expect many changes next year.

Paul Brown: Uh oh! A movie… or a TV series! Can we publish that?
David Revoy: But I didn’t say anything!

Paul Brown: Just in case any lawyers are reading this, we can confirm David didn’t say anything. We guessed it all by ourselves.
David Revoy: xD. It’ll be interesting to see how a Creative Commons license works on a derivative product on an industrial scale.

Pepper & Carrot Video Game (GPLv3 + CC-BY assets)