Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic

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Everything we love. Born free, staying free, with free tools. Cheap production that can probably be repeated. Quality looks good. Remix.


Excellent indeed!


Over 90% funded now. Looks like this project might go ahead!


Closed at 108% hoorary!

I notice that $500 was contributed by the Krita Foundation and $1000 by Ethic Cinema. I hadn’t heard of the latter but guess it must be

Ethic Cinema initiative/brand

Ni! Just for the record, since I assume everybody in this thread is well aware :wink:

I personally really enjoyed the motion comic! Very good pace and storytelling, great visuals and sound, and very respectful of the original style. =]

These Morevna folks are promising.


More animation than I expected – but I’ve only read the motion comic enwp article. Overall a clever story and well translated to this medium, indeed very promising!