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Morevna Proect:

Morevna Project is an independent initiative aimed at testing and improving open-source tools by adopting them in the real animation production.

(A common rationale among the small number of premium libre video projects started so far; also see Blender shorts and Ze Marmot.)

The project has existed since at least 2008 and produces works adapting the Russian fairy tale Marya Morevna to a cyberpunk future. Most project materials seem to be released under CC-BY, though a 2012 5m38s demo is non-free due to its soundtrack and current (2015) Russian crowdfunding campaign says that the first 13 minute episode is planned for the first half of 2016 to be released under CC-BY-SA, as will all subsequent ones.

Ongoing coverage at Libre Graphics World.

List of Premium and Libre Video

I may well be misunderstanding due to reading autotranslation but it seems from that the current campaign:

  • Is “only” seeking to raise 85000 Rubles, which at current exchange rates is about US$1250
  • The campaign is to fund voice acting
  • The episodes are being made with Synfig Studio, Krita, Blender (cf the 2012 demo: “Synfig Studio, Blender, Pencil, MyPaint, Remake, GIMP. Editing done in Blender.”)
  • First episode planned for first half of 2016, 13 minutes, released under CC-BY-SA

A Libre Graphics World interview about the campaign also notes that 8 episodes are currently planned and explains that the primary goal is a Russian anime movie (thus Russian crowdfunding) though a dubbing kit will be released, and also notes project new energy and other changes since the 2012 demo.

I started investigating the payment mechanisms supported by but decided to support the project at Patreon instead.



The phrase “our primary goal to create an anime movie in Russian” is not really correct. The exact translation of my phrase from the original text is the following: “The goal of the (crowdfunding) campaign is to produce Russian soundtrack for our anime movie”. Just in case if that’s not clear from the context.

List of Premium and Libre Video

Thanks for pointing that out. I’d wondered why the full interview in Russian wasn’t linked to and was too lazy to look or ask (someone else did, maybe the interviewee and it is now linked).

Two chunks I noticed not included in the English abridgement were on Blender/Synfig trade-offs, and this (autotranslated):

Yes, we have significantly changed the format. Having finished the demo, we went to the limit of their resources and were unhappy with the result. Very much effort was spent on technical work on the vectorization, and from this very cool part of creative suffering. It became clear that if our resources to extend a series so simply unrealistic. So I started to think about a simplified format.

On average Japanese studio usually it does not work more than a hundred people. But I did not have even that, not to mention the fact that we are not Japanese. ^ __ ^ I needed to find such stylistic framework that would correspond to our real possibilities and at the same time retain the attractiveness of the product.

Always interesting to see data on the ~quality/resources curve and what is feasible at the moment for a given libre project. I’ve read somewhere the development hours per minute for the first several Blender shorts but apparently failed to post here, or I’m failing at search (both here and the web).

So much TV, and it's 2016
#5 says “This is an important milestone for our project and it means two things: 1. In the new episode of Morevna we will have high-quality Russian voicing. 2. The new episode will be released in the first half of 2016. Exact date is TBA.”


Episode 3 is released (“Episodes 1 and 2 are not produced yet. We are making episodes inconsequently. ^__^”)

Ethic Cinema initiative/brand

Now just waiting for translation subs…


Episode 3.02 because:

As I mentioned in previous posts, this version is slightly (maybe not that slightly) different from the Russian one released one year ago. That’s because I have took this chance and reworked video sequence edit. Also I made some fixes to animation, which I had in mind for a long time, but haven’t had time/resources to do.

So, this is why the episode numbered as 3.0.2 - this is an update! I hope you will like the changes and will be happy to hear your impression in comments.


Now crowdfunding for Morevna Episode 4.