List of Premium and Libre Video

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In order to “consolidate an audience for open movies, a first step in addressing the yawning gap in distribution and marketing for open, even where open production is feasible” the best copies (inclusive of encodings, translations/translatable, provenance info) must be discoverable in one place.

As a first step, please help build a list in this topic. I want to know about any video that is both premium and libre.

The term “premium video” is taken from the (mistaken) justification to add DRM to HTML5, and refers to both feature-length films and TV-style series. Initially, let’s be liberal in interpreting whether a video or series is “premium”.

The term “libre” means the video is free and open per the Definition of Free Cultural Works and the Open Definition. Let’s initially be strict about these definitions’ required permissions, but ignore the issue of available formats and modifiable forms for now.

As an example, would TED Talks be considered a premium quality series if they were not disqualified as available only under non-free/open terms? Other edutainment and even academic material may qualify. For example should Berkman Center lectures (the videos on their YouTube channel that are about an hour long) marked as released under an attribution-only license fall within scope of PAL Video?

Let’s skip for now films that are only clearly public domain in the U.S.

What about videos that rely on copyright exceptions and limitations like fair use? Include but note as such.

Reply to this message with your suggestions. Some places to look for candidate videos include:

List of PAL video


Bergensbanen: 7.5 hour documentary “showing every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo.” 2009. CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Recetas municipales. Una conversación sobre el cuidado de las ciudades: 28 minute documentary. 2015. CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Sita Sings the Blues: Animated adaptation of the Ramayana. 82 minutes. 2008. CC0-1.0 (some music restricted).

Valkaama Drama about families negatively impacted by a poetry cult leader and father. 93 minutes. 2009. CC-BY-SA-3.0.


BBS: The Documentary: 8 episode series documenting “the subculture born from the creation of the bulletin board system (BBS) filmed by computer historian Jason Scott Sadofsky of” 300 minutes total. 2005. CC-BY-SA-2.0.

Blender short movies: 10 shorts, with 1 more in development. 77 minutes total. 2006-present. CC-BY.

Exposing the Invisible: 3 episode investigative journalism series. 80 minutes total. 2013. CC-BY-SA-3.0.

The Hill Productions: 9 approximately hour long extreme cinéma vérité films available online, with several more not yet available or in production. 2009-present. CC-BY-3.0.

The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna: 1 episode released. 12 minutes. CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Orang-U: 1 film released. 47 minutes. CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Pepper & Carrot Motion Comic: 1 episode released: 7 minutes. CC-BY-SA-4.0.

VlogBrothers: Over 1300 short episodes. Over 3900 minutes total. 2007-present. CC-BY-3.0.

Your Face Is A Saxophone: 2 episode animated series, 50 minutes total. 2011? CC0.


Current campaigns

Morevna Episode 4


Blender Cloud subscription, in support of more Blender open movies.

Sponsor future episodes of Caminandes.

Lunatics! ongoing production fundraising at Patreon.

Orang-U (Discuss) met initial campaign goal, perks still available, sequels planned.

Pepper & Carrot webcomic by David Revoy with aspirations to become an animated series with enough support at Patreon.

The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna ongoing production fundraising at Patreon.

Orang-U sequels.

Donate to support development of the Tube short project (Wires for Empathy).

ZeMarmot (Discuss) met initial campaign goal, perks still available. More funding means a longer film. Also at Patreon and at Tipeee.

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Great overview of current projects (with the exception of Seder Masochism, all already mentioned above) in 2015, l’année du cinéma libre ? (‘2015, the year of free movies?’). Intro:

We constantly see, the movement of free culture is changing. Music, comics, photography, video game … many fields of art regularly see new authors adopt the values ​​of the free, open source projects and new to emerge. However, one area has so far generated more skepticism that craze among libristes. Cinema. While music or free photography, often the work of one or a small group of people somehow manage to make their way in an unfavorable economy to the emergence of free values, there are other movies, which generally requires significant human and financial investment. For this reason, many libristes still have difficulty imagining the possibility of any challenge to the rule of the giants of the industry, and their authoritarian rules on film culture. Yet this start to the year 2015 gives good hopes for the development of a free film culture:


I’ve always liked this film:


I enjoyed but it is non-free (CC-BY-NC-ND). That record is almost certainly wrong in claiming it is CC-BY-SA. Coincidentally as of last month apparently Star Wreck is being remastered. Maybe a good time to ask if they’ll make it free. :smile:


I believe the license is CC0, though it is poorly marked and I’m trying to get the creator to clarify:


Interesting to see “in the wild” attempt at releasing without restriction, knowing about CC but perhaps not CC0? I hope they are responsive to your requests to acknowledge CC0 and upload to!

For this list I’d say the video is sub-premium due to length (15 minutes) and quality (shaky, no apparent artistic intent), but easy to see how ‘premium’ libre videos in that nature genre could be made without a large amount of effort. Still great that this is released as footage!


Does fall into the class of “only clearly public domain in the United States”?

#8 claims yes because the copyright was not renewed. But it is not easy to confirm that is the case for 1923-1950 works. I wonder if there is an accepted way to cite copyright renewal searches that Wikimedia Commons doesn’t use. Maybe I should ask there or see how is developing on Wikidata; I see the item for that film currently has no statements about copyright status. But I’m not super interested in PD-USonly primarily because USonly, but also not born free.


I’ve recently got into watching timelapse digital painting videos. Very pretty, and decently entertaining to watch an artist form something amazing starting with not much.

I’ve started so assemble some good libre ones at:


Not all ViHart videos are libre, but this one is:


Apparently replies are not editable? The video has been marked on YouTube as CC-BY (using YouTube’s built-in feature for doing this) and I have uploaded to


I believe replies are editable for only 86400 seconds.


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I’m still really excited about making my own movies. Thanks to the F/LOSS video editor Open Shot, etc. I can’t wait to make my own libre-licensed low/no budget high quality Sci Fi & Fantasy films!


Oh yeah guys, when it comes to Libre video, we missed some very big ones outside the amazing world of Blender open movies. What about the Libre movies made by the Hill Productions, a pretty cool DIY film production company, they make their films free (as in the sense of freedom) and open under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. They usually don’t put music in their flicks.
Here’s the link to the Hill Prod.:


They’re listed above:

The Hill Productions: 9 approximately hour long extreme cinéma vérité films available online, with several more not yet available or in production. 2009-present. CC-BY-3.0.

I watched the ones available about a year ago (that’s where I got 9 from). The count is probably higher now. It’d be nice to have an article listing out those actually released, like the one for Blender productions. Create if you’re up for it.

Also, I hope we’re missing some big ones yet!


I haven’t watched these much yet, except to confirm their libre license:


Pepper & Carrot motion comic is done! It’s really well done, and I hope we can convince them to produce more.


That pepper & Carrot Motion Comic is awesome and amazing!