Last pre-WIFO postcast & WIFO podcast concept

January 2015, Harry Hawk, a friend I’ve known ~25 years, interviewed me for his new podcast Talking About Everything. We talk a bit about my time at Creative Commons (and other stuff in the extended version), but my main message is to make the first three points in my theory of change description (leaving off the 4th is what makes it pre-WIFO).

I know many people doing relevant work in knowledge policy, knowledge projects, or attempting interventions in other fields that I see as analogous to the ones I want for knowledge – activists, futurists, makers, researchers – who I’d enjoy having a semi-structured conversation with, and I suspect many people would enjoy listening to.

Free as in Freedom which covers “legal, policy, and many other issues in the Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) world” is one podcast that I enjoy (and have been on it and its predecessor a couple times) is one podcast that gives me hope that there’s an audience, and a need for another. FaiF’s version of ‘policy’ is mostly internal to the FLOSS movement, which is understandable, but also sad. I want the conception of free/libre/open policy to be lifted primarily to the public policy realm, cut across all knowledge fields, and become not only the main mechanism for knowledge policy reform, but accepted as necessary for achieving good macro outcomes.

Brief concept for a WIFO podcast: Conversations about the role of knowledge policy in shaping the future, commons and other interventions for obtaining a better future.

Good idea? Terrible? Suggested guests? You?