Knight Prototype Fund Proposals

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The Knight Prototype Fund FAQ:

The Knight Prototype Fund helps media makers, technologists and tinkerers take ideas from concept to demo. With grants of $35,000, innovators are given six months to research, test core assumptions and iterate before building out an entire project.

The Prototype Fund supports a broad spectrum of ideas related to media, data and information. We are interested in any new models or technology to inform communities.

Applications are accepted on a quarterly basis. The next deadline is May 15, 2015.

Further info and links including to previously funded projects, in the FAQ.

I’ve previously mentioned “two lean, scalable web-based interventions that have potential for realigning parts of the knowledge economy with openness” and am taking this impending deadline as an impetus to sketch them both out:

Advis “a new take on advertising structured around incentivizing openness.”

PALflix “aims to consolidate an audience for open movies, a first step in addressing the yawning gap in distribution and marketing for open, even where open production is feasible.”

Any sort of feedback welcome on either, from substance to grammar, and especially in between: accessibility/clarity/comprehensibility. Involvement is welcome, in the proposals, or as part of the projects which I’ll pursue in some way regardless of proposal/funding status.

Tell me here which (if either) I should submit in application to the Knight Prototype Fund in two days.

Update: PALflix submitted; rejected 2015-06-16

Update: Revision of Advis submitted 2015-08-17

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Ok, added my ideas on the two idea pages.

CC just did The List with Knight’s prototype fund. AGPLv3+, mobile app for Android and PHP based server (based on GNU FM)

Hey Matt, I knew you got some Knight funding for The List, didn’t realize it was prototype fund specifically. The List looks really well positioned “to inform communities” as Knight wants. Hope that’s going well. The idea I submitted is admittedly more indirect, aiming to create new viable pathways for people creating high quality video which informs communities.