IP the "next geo-economic tussle" between superpowers

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About 53 weeks ago (2015-05-27) The National Interest published an article titled China and America Go to War…over Intellectual Property. The author doesn’t posit a shooting war, but notes IP “could become the next geo-economic tussle between the two superpowers” and worries that Chinese (state and ethnic) “economic espionage” and “America’s witch-hunts too undermine the most powerful quality of its science: openness.”

The National Interest does worry lots about U.S-China shooting wars, and about U.S.-China IP conflict. I won’t link to any articles because they’re mostly terrible quality thinly-disguised listicles, but go to the site and serch if you must. One of many such lists 5 things that could bring the U.S. and China into military conflict. I’d of course add that treating knowledge as a property, something from which to secure monopoly rents, rather than the subject of world-wide collaboration, is a “geo-economic tussle” that puts states at odds and greatly increases thae chances of military conflict. The above title may be misleading clickbait for its article payload, but the title is correct. Beware!

I’m not sure where the original is, but the article claims that the stated goal of a Tianjin University lab is “to smash the monopoly position of foreign companies.” This is an excellent goal, and could only be improved by dropping “foreign”. U.S. and other universities should reverse course and copy, that is, return to their missions of advancing and sharing knowledge for all humankind.