How to help/get involved with WIFO?

You agree with WIFO’s premise / theory of change and want to help make it happen? Excellent. (If you disagree, please share your critique!)


There are a bunch of projects WIFO intends to develop in the categories of ‘think’, ‘do’, and ‘communicate’, very briefly described in our first open funding proposal, read there. There will be plenty of opportunities whether your primary interest is policy analysis, web development, or provocative media. Soon each project will have a topic with concrete ways to get involved, but if you’re particularly eager, create a topic for what you’re interested in.

As preparatory work for one project, please share your recommendations for open movies and other premium and libre video.


This forum using the Discourse software is intended to be a hub for discussing WIFO projects and related news and issues. Check out our categories and add to a discussion or start a new one.

###Promote (Human)

Tell folks about WIFO. Know of a publication or presentation opportunity we should pursue? Put us in touch!

We love talking to people involved in free/libre/open/commons movements. We really love reaching people and groups interested in knowledge policy directly or in issues on which knowledge policy will have a huge but as yet unappreciated impact, but who do not know about or discount the importance of free/libre/open/commons movements.

###Promote (Lizard)

Favorite-Follow-Like-Plus-Repeat-Share-Subscribe on various social media and social news sites. Do it again. Do it again.

If you can apply your human brain to lizard activity and want to volunteer to help manage one of our social media accounts, please get in touch!


The main/non-forum WIFO website is at Right now it is just a few static HTML files. Help develop a site theme and blog, perhaps using a static site generator (topic forthcoming).


We don’t intend to formalize the organization until necessary, most likely as a California-based non-profit seeking to eventually obtain U.S. 501©3 status, possibly with a fiscal sponsor initially (other ideas welcome). But we need to start gathering people interested in helping with governance or administrivia. If you’re such a person please get in touch. We aim for global diversity in governance, so anyone matching in a relevant dimension is especially encouraged!


Suggest grants or other opportunities WIFO might pursue. We’ll draft proposals in the open and request community feedback where the potential funder does not object.

WIFO is not set up to take real (or fake, depending on your perspective ;-)) money yet. If you really want to make a donation now, send bitcoin to 1E7JP3QNeUf6nszFxyH5Swe9kRqiJxq8YD which will be untouched until we have appropriate organizational structure.


Reply or post on this forum, message on social media, or email


There are many other organizations you could get involved with. See some recommended ones, accompanied with descriptions which help contextualize WIFO.