Hollywood Casts Open Source Software in Starring Role - OMG! Ubuntu!


Might apply to #movies, but who knows?! :smile:

The goal: to promote, advance and advocate for the use of open source in film making and the wider media industry.

A non-profit organisation, the ASWF will provide a ‘neutral’ space for artists, engineers and developers to share work and collaborate on projects, thereby increasing both the quality and quantity of open source tools.

It will also try to tackle issues around open source licensing (some companies don’t know which one to pick) and help to manage open source projects under the ‘ASWF’ banner.

Ho hum. Linux Foundation + Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. There is an infographic that lists “amazing projects developed by the motion picture industry”:

I don’t trust any group claiming to speak for the “motion picture industry”. :roll_eyes:


The proprietary movie industry has been using free software for a long time. I recall reading about Film Gimp a long time ago, and Linux renderfarms used there even longer ago. Natural that an industrial user group would form as that’s become even more common the last few years.

Seems like a reasonably good thing even if no direct application to (libre) #movies. More exposure to commons is good. Maybe proprietary industries with more exposure will become slightly less willing to harm parts of the commons they rely on at a the level of lobbying/changing laws.