FSFE summit CFP & government sector/vendor driven change

The FSFE 2016 summit Call for Participation strikes me as having a likely to be successful (at producing macro change, rather than micro signalling) focus on state rather than private politics. Its stated vision:

Imagine a European Union that builds its IT infrastructure on Free Software. Imagine European Member States that exchange information in Open Standards and share their software. Imagine municipalities and city councils that benefit from decentralized and collaborative software under free licenses. Imagine no European is any longer forced to use non-Free Software.

The first day is on “Successful business with Free Software” (emphasis added):

for companies, politicians, developers, entrepreneurs and anyone else interested in business aspects of Free Software.

Suggested topics are broad, but a few of the most pertinent:

  • You work in a public administration and you know about particular needs, do’s and don’ts to compete with proprietary software vendors?
  • Hacking politics: How to influence my politician Insights on successful (national) campaigns
  • Insights on successful (national) campaigns

There is one thing missing: the real political version of the dwarfish politics of licensing – software freedom as a government pro-consumer/competition/safety regulatory tool. But, this sadly is rather speculative. Gladly, vast progress can be made through citizens demanding free software for their own governments, and the experience and constituency gained will be essential for finally making proprietary software illegal where there’s any public regulatory interest.

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