Freedom AND equality AND security!?

Referring to commons ⇄ freedom, equality, security ⇄ good future.

For knowledge, freedom and equality move together rather than being in conflict. Knowledge thus presents a rare opportunity to unambiguously increase the realization of both of these liberal values — if and to the extent the knowledge economy and policy move in the direction WIFO aims for. This complementarity can be expressed in terms of different conceptions of freedom (negative and positive) or equality (opportunity and outcome) — freedom respecting knowledge policy and commons-based knowledge production are positives for all of these conceptions. Free knowledge will not produce absolute freedom or equality, but it may help increase the sense of any desirable, inevitable, or necessary inequality and limitations on freedom. For example, by removing one way in which the system is gamed toward increasing inequality, differences in outcome through luck or effort might be more readily accepted; by removing legal enforcement contrary to free speech and everyday practice, the legitimacy of legal systems might be increased. See Freedom in the Commons: Towards a Political Economy of Information (commentary).

Security adds another top value which is harmed by IP.