Free Culture approved webcomics

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Hello. I’ve made a list long ago but I ended up putting the list on a temporary site which no longer exist … very silly of me. Time to make another one again. To be honest I cannot find the best place to share this list so maybe this message board will do?

Feel free to suggest if you find more Free Culture approved webcomics, I don’t care if it’s active or not. I am currently finding one from Tumblr that uses CC BY (3.0?) so that’ll be fun.

Also I’ve found two that is not really worth showing since it’s 4 pages or less. Let me know if I should add that in.

The only one I am not going to include will be some guy named-uhhh … Yalyn? Yeah-I-don’t-know-who-that-guy-is.

Website : Artist/Writer




Free Art License 1.3

Other licences(?):

Inactive/dead links(?):

Title : Artist/Writer

  • Don Depresso : Ruji Chapnik
    Uses CC BY-SA (2.0 or 3.0?)
    While her personal site is active, the webcomic site (which uses Tumblr) is down.
    At least you can buy her books from Amazon: (I don’t know if I am allowed to share this link so please tell me if I should remove this link.)
    Or image search her works.

  • Project Ballad : Michael Peterson and Kevin Czapiewski
    Uses CC BY-SA 3.0
    Long-story-short: CC would have it’s own Tumblr page featuring something CC related per week. Project Ballad was one of them. After checking on it occasionally and seeing no updates, I was worried. When it turned into parked domain site, I rushed to their Gumroad page and bought their first volume. Few days later, they made it unavailable to purchase. After asking in Mastodon if I should upload this to or something similar, it was done:


Thanks for creating this list. Hopefully there are lots more to be discovered. I’d suggest adding items to Wikidata for each webcomic or webcomic series, making them instances of those classes, and adding license info at least. is the item for Pepper&Carrot. I’d guess lots of others don’t have items yet, or are not well annotated.

Currently there are a handful of articles in but I think several are about non-free (NC or ND) licensed comics. With the info described above in Wikidata a relatively simple query would obtain a list of freely licensed web comics, and the info would be maintained by other Wikidatians and used elsewhere too.

I’ll create and share here such a query later.

On another note, thanks for uploading free culture material to the Internet Archive! Always a win.


Thank you so much =]

Also, contributing to Wikidata makes it easy to consolidate and share these lists across languages!