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Continuing the discussion from Patreon and it's vision:

Huh, I missed this reply back when, but I wanted to respond and ideate on what that would look like, because I am interested! And this is a kind of information art project I am looking for.

I am gonna prototype this as a section on interi, so it can use all my weird taxonomies, things like: people, orgs, genre, and tags. But the interesting ones are features and antifeatures, which I use to generate lists of crowdy projects based on arbitrary queries:

  • All the video games that are DRM-free and free software
  • All free software projects with open core business models
  • All steampunk fiction released in 2016

interi-thing, or easy to use?

Depending on yer interest, I could be easily convinced to make it easier for visitors to interact with, including giving folks a chance to submit projects, and then of course we can create a search interface for anyone to make their own queries.

I recall I worked on something like this with someone before, many years ago… @mlinksva do you remember that? A woman creator was already tracking it, and we messed around with a prototype of that site, too… gah, I don’t even know where to search for that info.


The thing you probably recall is … I’d forgotten it myself I guess, thanks for the reminder. It didn’t get traction, but still a good idea that I should’ve referenced as prior art. I found it because you jogged my memory and I recalled it was a static site and I had saved the source somewhere.


Yep! That’s it. :slight_smile:

So, what is useful to know about crowdy FOSS-ish projects? If we spec out some metrics that we want to measure, we can play around with models for collecting that information!

I wish I could see how projects are licensed, and then find out how that changes year to year.

  • Money asked
  • Money raised
  • License
  • Nature of project
  • Info correlated with campaigners, such as
    • Other projects
    • Total money raised (by gross amount)
    • Teams or individuals

I’ll also reach out to Brianna, see if e wants to brush off CFFSW, though I found my notes, and I may have overwhelmed with my last batch of ideas; I am less interested in promotion (I’ll do that personally), but more in creating a useful database to query.


Probably best to start out with a small schema, but some obvious extensions would be data on outcomes (did fundraisers ship what they proposed, what kinds of impact did it have), and sort of a pet peeve of mine would be whether working with other projects was considered and a clear explanation provided for why not. Along both those themes, I wonder whether there’s a crowdfunding outcomes open database?