David Graham, FOSS advocate and member of Canadian Parliament

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I suppose this must be well known, but I only just learned that there’s a long-time free/open source software organizer in Canadian Parliament since last year, David Graham.

Interview (blog post) with Roblin “Roblimo” Miller. Somewhat painful to listen to due to Roblimo’s awful attempted jokes, but a few interesting bits (excerpts below).

I’d love to [use open source in government] I would love to have if we put the money we’re putting into proprietary software across government into in-house development of open-source software you can imagine the technological powerhouse we’d become
[open source is] one of the many items of my priority list, it’s a fairly long list
I don’t know why technologists generally tend to avoid politics because if you’ve ever been on a Debian mailing list they can get quite political.
I don’t work for open-source I believe open source works for us and open source is a real viable technological solution for government and government everyone need to hear that message.

2016-03-10 recording of Graham quizzing a minister on IT topics.

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