Data: value of patent/copyright lawsuits/licensing awards and drug regulator shocks

Patent/copyright infringement lawsuits/licensing awards web page consists of:

a table listing the monetary awards that companies have received because they were either victorious in an IP infringement lawsuit, or they negotiated deal in the absense/presence of a infringement lawsuit, or related technology litigation such as antitrust.

The page claims to be not updated in 10 years, but that isn’t true. I looked again because the maintainer noted in their newsletter (no public archives available) today:

I have added a new type of monetary figure - drops in biotech stock prices on bad FDA news. It happens often enough, and the stakes are in hundreds of millions to billions of dollars, to be worth including in the table.

Some of this data could be useful to characterize the value and costs of subjecting knowledge to property regimes.

I’d like to see a similar table of impacts of commons-based product competition and commons-favoring policy on proprietary profits and valuation. The impacts would be even more tenuous as most would be long-term rather than the result of “shocks”, thus involve much more noise. Still, quantitative characterization of these impacts has to start somewhere.