Commons? Why not just advocate for the abolition of copyright, patent, and other freedom infringing regimes?

Three reasons:

  1. commons mitigate freedom infringing regimes, right now;
  2. most people aren’t convinced by theory, or worse, are convinced that theory demands freedom infringing regimes, the alternative being no new art or drugs; commons provide evidence for and prototype freedom respecting policy, and through competition destroy rents dependent on freedom infringing regimes and thus shrink the constituency for defending those regimes; calling for abolition is good but alone does not constitute a viable theory of change;
  3. there are no ultimate outcomes; even if freedom infringing regimes were to magically disappear this moment, without an interest group premised on and generative of freedom and equality (i.e., commons-based production) to keep fighting for the continued suppression of new freedom infringing regimes, they would return.