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Another genre ripe for engendering free myths for the next generation? Almost mentioned before here in toddler criminals:

Basically everyone who learns to create first learns by copying–tracing and then freeform copying others’ drawings, making recordings of yourself singing/playing along with recorded music and next performing someone else’s compositions, etc.; we just have more tools for both creating and for making those creations public by default now.

In the case of coloring books subject to copyright, I’m guessing that the colored-in physical artifact can be displayed, sold, etc., but not copies. That’s a bit sad.

For current generations too; apparently adult coloring books are super popular, and digital:

Contributing to the popularity of e-coloring books are their de-stressing, relaxation effects and the fact that users’ work-products can be saved and shared.

Presumably in a very limited fashion, though I’d be happy to be wrong.

Also coloring books are apparently used for all levels of education, even graduate level. I searched for OER coloring book and found nothing, but I may not have searched hard enough.

There are some usable images in Wikimedia Commons coloring books category and probably lots of line art or images easily convertible into line art that could be used, and also much on

Of course for the purpose of building free myths, coloring books using characters from free movies such as Big Buck Bunny or Sita Sings the Blues would be most excellent.


As a side-effect of my board book project, this:

I hope to work with the artist (who is my sister) to do more like it.



Looks great, ordered! Amazon description:

‘Vegepedia’ is the sixth and newest installment in the Vegebook series of adult coloring books by Nick Dolan. The first ever “open source” coloring book, ‘Vegepedia’ is a gift to the community and an artistic experiment. Nick’s newest book is more than just a compilation of bizarre coloring pages, it is a creative seed that strives to germinate future works of art by removing common limitations on distribution and modification, and making the source files to all the artwork freely downloadable and editable. Released under the least restrictive Creative Commons License (CC BY 4.0), Vegepedia encourages and allows people to not only color Vegeworld, but to co-create it.

  • First ever “open source” coloring book!
  • Printed and sold at-cost
  • All artwork is Creative Commons Licensed
  • Users are free to use any of the included artwork in their design projects, ads, labels, logos, artwork, etc.
  • Digital version with both raster and vector source files available free from the Vegebooks website!
  • You aren’t limited to just coloring this coloring book, you can truly make it your own.