"Collaborative Innovation [Network]"


I read the short article Can Crowdsourcing and Collaboration Improve the Future of Human Health? looking for ideas to document in List of ways to improve health outcomes (other than through drug development) independent of patents or List of ways to improve drug discovery, development, and delivery independent of patents … the article mentions prizes and open collaboration, which are already mentioned in the latter. It also contains an evocative phrase (emphasis added):

Research shows that prize-based challenges that attract talent across a wide range of disciplines can generate greater risk-taking and yield more dramatic solutions. They not only motivate the scientific community, but also students, journalists, the public and governments, encouraging improved awareness of some of the most challenging health risks of our time and greater appreciation for the need to accelerate progress. And now, with the rise of social networking, there is an opportunity to extend this idea of “collaborative innovation” even further.

This led me to search, and find https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collaborative_innovation_network which I don’t believe I’d seen before. I don’t think there are any new concepts there, but the phrase seems useful, and some projects using the phrase could be commons-based, or could be made moreso.