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I’m bummed that @singpolyma’s Big Buck Bunny Board Book project did not reach its crowdfunding goal. (See Free myths for the next generations for why the project is so on-point.) But I’ll take it as belief confirmation.

I’m glad that the project is pressing on. I will be ordering copies and hope it eventually becomes a big hit: read https://www.crowdsupply.com/singpolyma/big-buck-bunny-board-book/updates/1854 for more.

Seeing the ebook and reading again that it was “inspired by board books adapting classic literature” increases my curiosity about the format and genre. The entire story text of the BBBBB is the subject of this topic. Does language have a name? Baby Pictorial English?

I’m assuming there isn’t an open mass collaboration project to create free cultural works in this format, and that BBBBB is the first. Seems there’s lots of possibilities and fun to be had.


Probably the most well known (non-free) works in this genre are Cozy Classics http://www.mycozyclassics.com/about/ (adapting public domain work, but keeping the adaptation non-free). Based on descriptions they use, I think the name “Narrative Infant Primer” might be appropriate for the genre generally, not sure.

There’s certainly a lot of possibilities to adapt pretty much any visual story to this format, by selecting print-quality images and simple, baby-friendly words to form a sort of story-sketch that aunts/uncles/parents can flourish imagination around as children they read to get older.

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