Blender short movies

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Blender Foundation makes 3D (and increasingly capable of much more) creation software, and (with partners) makes open movies as a way of informing the direction of the software through hard experience. As shorts (all less than 15 minute duration) they miss an obvious criterion for being “premium” videos, but their pioneering role, renown, and quality make up for that. They have been shown in short film festivals, but in a Netflix-like service could be treated as a series.

All of these are available from the Blender Cloud along with assets used to make the movies, accompanying tutorials, and more, all under CC-BY, or the Blender Foundation YouTube channel, with embeds below. Links to best copies on should be added as well.

The preferred way to contribute to further productions seems to be by subscribing to the Blender Cloud, which costs $10 or €10 a month.

The shorts…

###Elephants Dream (2006)


###Big Buck Bunny (2008)


###Sintel (2010)


###Tears of Steel (2012)




Episode 1: Llama Drama (2013)

Episode 2: Gran Dillama (2013)

Episode 3: Llamigos (2016)

###Monkaa (2014)

###Cosmos Laundromat (2015)


###Glass Half (2015)


###Wires for Empathy (forthcoming)


Teaser below.

Free myths for the next generations
Open pre-proposal: PALflix
Morevna Project
Ethic Cinema initiative/brand
List of Premium and Libre Video
List of Premium and Libre Video

There are many made-with Blender shorts posted in … but it seems very few are libre. Here’s one recent that is, CC-BY-SA, The Encounter (0:32), found at


The third Caminandes is out:


A couple days ago, March 24, was the 10th anniversary of the premier of Elephants Dream.

My micro-celebration: small edits to the film’s wikidata item and English Wikipedia page. Many other languages linked from the item. Have your own micro-celebration!

I also intend to watch the making of and commentary videos (also all CC-BY-2.5) soon.


New Wires for Empathy teaser:

It looks great. The notes say the non-free soundtrack will be replaced.


There are some newer (Agent 327, The Daily Dweebs, Hero, Spring) in progress that I haven’t investigated yet!

Edit: Sadly Agent 327 will be non-free (CC-BY-ND) according to likely related to it using a previously existing character and seeking traditional film financing.