Abu Dhabi Louvre and the US-patent for islamic arts

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The Louvre is an icon, so we can expect many copies, mixes, and adaptations of the dome design… So, it is an opportunity to talk again about strange patents: generic algorithms to draw fractal-like geometries. Any art design need to pay royalties.

PS: details here.


If you know of a scholarly article on patents for algorithmic art I’d love to read it!

I think this is very important, not due to easy outrage over appropriated heritage and nature, but because algorithmic art is going to be dominant; the extent to which it is free of or burdened with private rents says a lot about cultural and economic outcomes over the next decades.

This an important topic that need to be addressed to preserve cultural values through intellectual property laws. In many countries like the U.S., there is a liberal application for patent applications (everything under the sun is patentable). What is the commercial use of the algorithms? this is important in determining patentability. Otherwise, algorithms are considered “law of nature”. There must be human intervention and useful effect. Bashar H. Malkawi