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Movies are one of the signal cases for IP and the movie industry one of the foremost pushers of IP expansion. To avoid trading freedom, equality, and security for spectacle, movies (and other long-form “premium video”, such as television and other series’ in that style) must be addressed. Approaches to discuss and plan here:

  • Direct competition: create free/libre/open films and make them culturally relevant (not competing with proprietary distribution and marketing = not competing). As mentioned under ‘do’ there is a planned WIFO intervention on this point. A 2013 sketch of what that might consist of (2015 proposal). Note that at least until there are very many of them, it is encouraged to post about individual free movies here, including ones in production or seeking funding. Help build a list of premium and libre video.
  • Indirect competition: make some form more amenable to commons-based production (of the artifact and of cultural relevance) take the commanding heights of culture from movies. This (sans amenable to commons) was the point of the Y Combinator Request for Startups “Kill Hollywood” – better ways to entertain people.
  • Policy competition (funding): expand public funding demands openness case to movies (which are massively taxpayer subsidized, whether through direct funding, or race-to-the-bottom incentives, and of course the IP regime) and help distributed patrons coordinate better to demand an open product.
  • Policy competition (concept): promote the idea that trading freedom, equality, and security for spectacle is a terrible bargain, and that there will be a surfeit of culture no matter what. Therefore everyone should stop granting the bargain!
  • Suggest additional approaches!

Note piracy is not listed here: it does nothing to take down movies as a signal case for IP, and it isn’t even clear that it at all diminishes part of the constituency for that case by shrinking the industry – it also serves as gratis marketing and price discrimination. There’s a piracy category if you wish to discuss this.

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