About the Future category

Knowledge policy and the structure of the knowledge economy will have an outsized impact on outcomes, given that we’re transitioning from an industrial to knowledge economy, and the transition could be as significant (“software is eating the world”, “data is the new oil”) as past transitions from hunting & gathering to agriculture and agriculture to industry, or even more significant (em- or AI-dominated economy, or even “singularity”).

  • Is above true? Just how outsized?
  • If true, just how important is intellectual freedom or lack thereof in shaping rapidly changing future? Is there really a stark choice between autonomy and abundance for all, or gross inequality, conflict, and control, hinging on whether freedom displaces property as central paradigm of knowledge policy?
  • If both are true, how can WIFO (and many others!) explain urgency of actually changing structure of the knowledge economy and knowledge policy accordingly?

Share your ideas and links to others taking the impact of knowledge policy on the future seriously, whatever your or their conclusions!