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Drugs are one of the signal cases for IP. To avoid trading freedom, equality, and security for drugs (pharma), other approaches to creating drugs, medical breakthroughs, and improving health outcomes overall must be taken. Approaches to discuss and plan here:

  • Direct competition: commons-based production of drugs, i.e., development of drugs in contexts where patents are not taken. Note that at least until this is common, it is encouraged to post about individual such initiatives here, including ones in development or seeking funding.
  • Policy competition (funding): expand public funding demands openness case to drugs (which are massively taxpayer subsidized) and help distributed patrons (e.g., disease advocacy groups) coordinate better to demand an open product. Use of prizes is a related point.
  • Policy competition (regulatory): drug testing and approval requirements account for a large portion of the capital intensity of drug development, which is the nut of drugs as a signal case for IP. Testing and approval could be made cheaper through various approaches (e.g, coordination among jurisdictions, better and earlier access to outcome data). Exclusivity could be based exclusively on regulatory approval, not patents.
  • Policy competition (concept): promote the idea that trading freedom, equality, and security for drugs is a terrible bargain, that the existing regime corrupts medicine from research to delivery, and that there are better ways to improve health outcomes. Therefore everyone should stop granting the bargain!
  • Suggest additional approaches!

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