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What is WIFO’s position on use of words and phrases such as “intellectual property”? [FAQ] (1)
What do you mean by “intellectual freedom”? [FAQ] (1)
Why is only freedom in the name then? [FAQ] (1)
Is knowledge really that important? [FAQ] (1)
Why “knowledge” economy and policy? [FAQ] (1)
Culture, data, design, software are separate magisteria, and each doing fine. Isn't “cross sectoral” just confusing? [FAQ] (1)
Isn’t it better to fly under radar? Does WIFO’s explicit stands put existing gains at risk? [FAQ] (1)
Commons-based knowledge production? Does this exclude businesses? [FAQ] (1)
Commons? Why not just advocate for the abolition of copyright, patent, and other freedom infringing regimes? [FAQ] (1)
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